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Research has led to the discovery that umbilical cord blood of the baby is rich in stem cells. These umbilical cord stem cells can be collected immediately after birth, processed and stored for a later use by the baby, family, or an unrelated patient with a compatible HLA.

Blood from the placenta is normally discarded.

Safetycord suggests the following procedure in order to save these precious stem cells for your private use:

1. Registration

Registering with Safetycord is quick and easy. Simply fill in the online registration information and click send. This process takes only a few minutes but, if you prefer, you can call us and one of our representatives will help you immediately and guide you through the process.

Once registered, we will Fedex you the kit to collect the blood from the umbilical cord of your baby and we will send you instructions via email how to access your private web. This kit includes everything your doctor or midwife needs for the collection along with the corresponding instructions. It's that easy!

2. Take kit to the hospital

When you are about to give birth, remember to take the kit with you to the hospital. Once your baby is born and separated from the cord, the medical professionals will draw the excess blood from the cord attached to the placenta with a syringe, storing it in a special bag included in the kit.

This process takes 5 minutes. If your doctor or midwife has never conducted a cord blood collection, let us know and we will contact them in order to provide them in advance with the simple steps to follow.

3. Shipment

The process of sending the cord blood to the laboratory is as simple as making a phone call to Safetycord so we can pick up your baby's kit from the hospital. After the extraction, the midwife or doctor will return the kit to you or the designated family member. You must make sure that all data has been filled in correctly on the forms inside the kit.

Simply place a call to Safetycord. We will return the call to your hospital room and go over the kit with you step by step so that the courier just has to deliver it. Your kit will be collected from the hospital. The automatic system used by Safetycord, will keep track of your baby's kit at all times until it reaches the laboratory. You will receive a communication from Safetycord once the sample has been received and the process has started.

4. Processing

Once the lab receives your baby's kit it is tested for sterility, viability, cell count and processed for its later storage. Both the blood sample from the cord as well as the blood sample of the mother will be analyzed.

When these results are available, you will be notified via email and receive the corresponding certificate and invoice through our web page. Your access to these documents will be with in the private area reserved for our customers.

5. Storage

Your baby's stem cells will be stored in a cryogenic bag in liquid nitrogen freezers. In order to maintain the viability and health of your baby's stem cells through processing, careful temperature reduction is required before freezing and storage.

Our lab uses the automatic Coolmix, a controlled freezing process that ensures the unit's integrity and future viability. Once the stem cells reach the optimum temperature, they are placed in a storage cartridge and afterwards in a storage tank.

The units are kept in allocated freezers in a specific designated area. A sophisticated coding system in our laboratory offers easy and accurate access to your family's stem cells. In this way, your baby's stem cells will be available whenever required and anywhere in the world.

To ensure the safety of the units stored, the storage center is equipped with electrical generators, each freezer has its own battery back-up, the power supply of liquid nitrogen freezers is automatic and carefully monitored. The temperatures are recorded 24 hours a day, monitored by an independent company, revised daily and recorded by a blood center employee.