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Contents offered by Safetycord on the website. We have designed this scheme for both facilitate navigation through the site, and to help visitors find the information they seek.

We offer the 'About Us' section from which you can know us better, the 'Advantages' section where we help you with important aspects to consider when hiring our services, the 'Pricing' section where you can see our offers and access the registration form, also available from any page by going directly to the 'Enrollment' section.

We also offer the 'News' section from which you can access news related to the preservation of umbilical cord stem cells and their potential use in treating diseases. And we can not forget, both 'Contact' section, on hand 24 hours a week, as the 'Private Access' section, exclusive private area for existing customers where you can view or change your family history, reports, analyzes, invoices, etc.